Remember BMW F1 Team ‘purchaser’ Qadbak back in 2009? Watch BBC’s Panorama tonight at 8.30pm

April 18, 2011

The fraudster Russell King, who was behind the ‘Qadbak Investments’ organisation that BMW believed was going to take over their F1 team is featured in tonight’s Panorama. Back on 16 September 2009 I posted the following:

BMW announced yesterday that Qadbak Investments had agreed to purchase the BMW Sauber Team. The announcement described the team’s new owner as a ‘Swiss-based foundation which represents the interests of certain Middle East and European based families’. I guess it will become clearer over time as to who these Middle East and European based families are (not the Quandt’s I assume). However the question remains as to what is being bought and to what end. Is this a potential investment with the investor looking to sell on the team should it be eventually granted a place on the F1 grid (which is by no means certain), or is this a serious commitment to take the operation forward. Time will tell.

So time did tell, find out more on BBC1 tonight.

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