A world full of coincidences

March 18, 2011

I’ve just got back from Geneva where I gave one of my ‘Business Lessons from F1’ talks to the Young President’s Organisation, Alpine Chapter. What a great bunch of people. They decided to hold the event at a karting venue somewhere north of Lausanne, the original plan was for me to present then they would do some karting and finish with some Raclette: sliced melted cheese with gherkins, potatoes and wine –  great! Sensibly they decided to change the order as everyone really wanted to get on with the karting, so it was karting first. That gave me a bit of a dilemma as I had been invited to take part in the karting and my credibility as a motorsport speaker would now depend on my performance on the track as well as with the Powerpoint, I’m sure Martin Brundle doesn’t have these kind of concerns. Fortunately I managed to aquit myself reasonably well, winning my heat, but then declined to take part in the final as I had to (!) prepare my presentation, so all went well in the end, but racing before presenting was a first – I must do it again.

So after a very enjoyable evening I was driven back to Geneva where I checked my Emails to find that, by sheer coincidence, my good friend and co-author Richard West was also in Geneva. We met up on the Rue du Rhône the following morning and sorted out the global economy and the world of F1 over an Americano and Cappucino overlooking where the Rhône emerges from Lake Geneva. But the coincidences continued, on my stroll back to my hotel to get a taxi to the airport I noticed a small plaque on a building which somehow looked familiar. I looked more closely and saw the words ‘FOTA: Formula One Teams Association’, interesting. I wonder what role this organisation will play in finalising (or not) the next Concorde Agreement to run from 2013, there’s a lot at stake and it will be over the next eighteen months or so that the future face of F1 will be defined, so it will be fascinating to see what role the little office in Geneva will play.


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