Formula 1 and the real world

February 17, 2011

The news that the situation in Bahrain appears to be getting worse and with F1 testing due to take place 3rd-6th March and the Grand Prix on the 11th March it seems that F1 is becoming caught up in the political shifts that are occurring in the middle east. If you combine that with the Gribowsky affair in Germany and the potential of a connection to the various dealings that went on when F1 was acquired by CVC Capital Partners in 2006 then it appears that F1 is once again getting in the headlines for non-sporting reasons. However, the good news I hope is that the teams themselves find a way to formally agree a realistic reduction in costs and that the Williams flotation goes well. The fact that such a well established F1 team is going to the market and opening itself up for wider scrutiny is I think a good thing, and if the Williams float goes well we may see others following their approach.


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