Would you buy shares in WilliamsF1?

January 21, 2011

I was interested to see that WilliamsF1 are planning a public flotation. Flotations and F1 have not traditionally gone that well, with Bernie’s Formula One Holdings flotation of March 1997 ending in disarray, and starting a series of transactions which resulted in the commercial rights to F1 being controlled by CVC Partners. it is interesting to reflect that one of the reasons for the failure (but certainly not the only reason) was a dispute between Bernie and three of the F1 teams who had refused to sign the Concorde Agreement. These three teams were Tyrrell, Mclaren and… Williams. But now of course we are in different times and if the teams are really able to get their costs down in line with the early nineteen nineties, as FOTA has declared within the Resource Restriction Agreement, then this would make an F1 team potentially a very attractive proposition. When you also consider the way Williams have developed their hybrid technologies (assuming this is included in the flotation) it could make for a rather lucrative investment.

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