Martin Brundle and David Coulthard to be new BBC commentary team – is this a good idea?

December 27, 2010

The Daily Mail is reporting that the BBC is dropping Jonathan Legard and replacing him with David Coulthard alongside Martin Brundle for their F1 commentary team. I have always been a huge fan of Martin Brundle’s insight and dry style of delivery. But I’m not sure about Brundle and Coulthard as a commentary team. Martin Brundle has always, as with James Hunt, worked best in stark contrast to a rather over enthusiastic, and occasionally misguided,commentator of which Murray Walker was the master, par excellence, and James Allen and Jonathan Legard followed. I’m not sure that the Coulthard/Brundle mix will work, yes they know each other well, as Brundle has managed Coulthard for many years, but is there going to be the kind of polarity that worked so well for him when compared to the professional commentators? For me Coulthard has been less than impressive behind the mic and hasn’t given the kind of insights that have made Brundle the master of the driver turned commentator role. Perhaps Brundle and Schumacher would have provided more sparkle, but presumable Michael is going to be busy driving in 2011?

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