So what kind of season will 2011 be?

December 22, 2010

So with one of the most competitive and least political F1 seasons for many a year out of the way, what is going to happen in 2011? Well it is shaping up nicely in terms of performance with the likelihood of many top drivers and cars competiting for the Championship. Throw in the unknown of the Pirelli tyres and the first Grand Prix in India and we’re in for another interesting year. I expect Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren to all be up there, with the interesting question for me being how Mercedes and Michael Schumacher shape up. Given the Ross Brawn factor, and I still regard Ross as the best technical manager in F1 by some margin, I expect they will be.

On the politics side it looks like things for 2013 (when the new Concorde Agreement takes effect) are coming together, particularly on the technical side, and although there have been rumblings about breakaways from Luca di Montezemolo, these, at the moment, appear to be isolated rhetoric. The biggest issue at present seems to be the Lotus saga, and it is a real shame that both Group Lotus and Team Lotus have been unable to resolve their differences and create a combined Lotus team, I hope that Tony Fernandes builds his team around his own brands – he has great passion and enthusiasm for F1, I think he should now focus on integrating this into something that gives him more synergy with his other business interests, rather than focusing on the Lotus legacy. He achieved his aim of creating a new F1 team, now he has to move on and let go of Lotus.

So a happy festive period and new year to all those who have been kind enough to follow my ramblings. There will be plenty more in 2011!

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