Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn to leave Mercedes by the end of the year: Is this another correct prediction by Eddie Jordan?

September 15, 2010

The Jordan team prepare for the Imola race back in 2004: Photo Jenkins, Pasternak & West

To many of the current fans of F1 Eddie Jordan is just another pundit on our TV screens, perhaps overplaying his part at times, but providing a distinctive approach and voice to F1 broadcasting.  However the other thing to remember about Eddie is that there is much beneath the Irish caricature he portrays and although he is undoubtedly entertaining, he also knows a thing or two about how things work and what is really happening in F1. My first meeting with Eddie took place at the San Marino Grand Prix of 2004 when Ken Pasternak, Richard West and myself were interviewing a range of team bosses and movers and shakers for the first edition of ‘Performance at the Limit’. I well remember our visit to the bright yellow Jordan motorhome. Eddie remarking to Richard, on seeing his Oyster Rolex, that he was obviously being paid too much, Richard didn’t have the heart to tell him he’d paid a few dollars for it in a market in Shanghai, but the best bit was when we were interviewing Eddie in his suite upstairs, and Ken asked Eddie how he went about selecting drivers for his team, perhaps hoping for some details of psychometric tests, Ken was rather taken aback when Eddie leaned forward and fixed him with a manic stare – ‘I look them in the xxxxing eyes’, he said slowly, leaning ever closer to Ken, who was now moving back as far as he could manage, ‘and I ask them, have you got what it xxxxing takes?’, still moving forward, Ken still moving back ‘have you got the xxxxing balls to make it?’ at this point Ken was virtually climbing backwards out of the window, Eddie chuckled and satisfied with the reaction relaxed back into his seat.

If we look back to this time last year when the rumours of a return to F1 by Michael Schumacher were building up – who was the person that actually broke the story that, even after being unable to replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari in 2009, Michael was planning to return to Mercedes in 2010? It was Eddie Jordan. Well Eddie now has an update to the story which he has posted on the BBC F1 website and it has two aspects to it. The first is that Michael is now changing his mind about continuing with F1 into 2011, and the second is an even bigger bombshell: that due to disagreements with Mercedes management Ross Brawn may also not continue with the team. Now clearly counter-arguments can be put to both of these, and indeed I’ve also blogged as to why I think Michael will stay for 2011, and of course some of this could be part of a negotiation process. But if Ross walks out that would be a significantly different dimension and one in which it may be easier for Michael to also decide to go too. All of this is conjecture of course, but don’t forget, Eddie Jordan has been right before.

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