We may now know the identity of the Stig, but what about the new F1 team for 2011?

September 1, 2010

As the BBC has now lost its battle to preserve the anonymity of Top Gear’s famous test driver: The Stig (seems like a good career alternative to F1 for F3 drivers), the headlines remind me that it is now 1 September and there was some other news expected by the end of August – the announcement of the identity of the 13th team for the 2011 grid.

On my last post I discussed the view put forward by David Richards that the current (2010) new teams poor performance had blighted the likelihood of new investors and sponsors supporting more new teams for 2011. The fact that we have still not had an announcement from the FIA does not bode well. Perhaps the successful bidder has been informed and are now feverishly working to get their 2011 bid underway, or perhaps there just isn’t the money out there to support a thirteenth F1 team, the next few days should reveal the answer.

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