Why Michael Schumacher will be back in 2011

August 11, 2010

Michael will be unlikely to want to finish his F1 career in a car which stopped development half way through the season

I was interested to note Ross Brawn’s comments, published on Autosport.com, that Mercedes were going to be focusing on their 2011 car after the August shutdown. Now, of course, actually all the teams will be focusing on their 2011 car as this is now the phase during which they get the majority of the design finalised, before they can begin the build process. However I think that Ross’s comments are significant in another way. Michael Schumacher has a one year deal with Mercedes for 2010, and there has been much conjecture, particularly from the British press that his comeback has been a bit of a disaster and that he will probably finally retire at the end of this year. I suspect otherwise. One thing that Michael has demonstrated this year is his tenacity in adversity, there have been times when he could have walked away, but did not. He has not fully got to grips with the handling of this year’s F1 car, and Ross himself admitted that they probably didn’t deliver the best car for either of their drivers. However they now have a lot of data on where Michael has been struggling and this data can be very important in designing the 2011 Mercedes F1 car. I therefore think it very unlikely that Michael would want to end his F1 career on his 2010 performance and indeed finish up the season with a car which had not been significantly developed since August. I think this is a clear sign that Michael Schumacher will now be focusing on his 2011 season along with Mercedes.

One Response to “Why Michael Schumacher will be back in 2011”

  1. F1 Maniac Says:

    Nice insight Prof.

    I also think he will definitely be here in 2011. Tyres seem to be his biggest problem, and with all the teams starting with a new baseline with Pirelli next year i expect him to be competitive again.

    And like you say, if there’s one thing he is, it’s single-minded. No-one can ever say he ever walks away from a fight!

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