Reflections from Valencia – The Ferrari engine is on top

February 4, 2010

You wouldn't put a Ferrari engine in a BMW would you?

It is always dangerous to read to much into testing, and this year the fact that the cars have far larger fuel tanks means that the variation of fuel weights is far greater and that trying to infer race performance is very dangerous.

However, I think there are a certain things we can observe from the general pattern of play so far. First the Ferrari engine appears to be doing a great job in putting Ferrari and Sauber (I know they’re still technically BMW Sauber, but in reality you wouldn’t find a BMW with a Ferrari engine would you?) at the front of the time sheets. Of course Toro Rosso also have a Ferrari power unit, but there performance hasn’t been too shabby. Second the Cosworth unit is on the pace and although Williams haven’t been toward the front of the timesheets they often focus on race performance rather than putting in a few quick times to keep the marketing people happy. Third, drivers wise if we focus on comparing within teams, Alonso and Massa have started as they mean to go on – fighting for ‘number one’ status at the Scuderia, which will make things very interesting. Hamilton has dominated Button, and Schumacher has dominated Rosberg.

Of course these could all be pure fiction as the teams are experimenting with different set ups and fuel loads, but next week things get even more interesting when we have the Jerez test and the Red Bull Racing, Virgin, Lotus and Force India cars will also be on the track.

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