A few wobbles from the new teams before they reach the grid

January 13, 2010

The good news is that at least Cosworth have the engines ready to ship

Recent news on some of the new teams suggest that there are still a few things to get in place before they are ready to start the season.

The biggest surprise is the news that Virgin Racing Team Principal Alex Tai is to step down and will be replaced by Manor Racing’s John Booth with former Racing Director Graeme Lowden moving to CEO. Whether or not this was planned, it is not great timing, but you could argue if it was going to happen it is better to happen now rather than later into the season. The implications of this are that Virgin Racing is now far less of a Virgin operation and far more of a Manor one with Virgin supplying the brand and Manor running the team.

Campos are also the subject of some speculation regarding the solidarity of their financial base with A1GP boss Tony Texeira being rumoured to be one of a number of possible new investors in the team. Driver Pedro de la Rosa is rumoured to be favourite for the second seat (Bruno Senna occupies the first), although it has been reported that this will be conditional on him bringing some funding into the team.

USF1 continue to be dogged by negative rumours – this time that they have asked to be excused the first long haul races and start racing in Europe. James Allen (jamesallenonf1.com) reports that this is untrue and that they have rooms booked for Bahrain so this seems to be another case of rumours to undermine the team.

The good news is that the Cosworth engines are ready to ship and everything seems to be fine at Lotus with Mike Gascoyne making some typically gung ho statements about the aspirations of the team. I’m sure that there will be further trials and tribulations along the way for the new teams, but hopefully we will see all of them on the grid in Bahrain on 14 March.


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