A New Leader for Renault F1 as Crashgate rumbles on

January 6, 2010

Renault F1 are moving on from Crashgate

The recent ruling by a French court to remove the bans placed by the FIA on Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds appears to be starting a new series of legal and PR activity that takes us back to the trials (literally) and tribulations of 2009. The robust response by the FIA suggests that there will be appeals and probably counter-appeals to this sorry episode. Briatore still maintains his innocence, although both Nelson Piquet Jr and an anonymous Renault employee have stated that he did know of the plan to crash Piquet’s car in Singapore in 2008.

Whatever the outcome Renault F1 have clearly moved on and their appointment of a totally new Team Principal, Eric Boullier, indicates a desire to move away from the F1 old guard. Boullier has no previous F1 experience, although he, like Jean Todt when he joined Ferrari, has had experience in a wide range of non-F1 motorsport operations. He joins a list of ‘new to F1’ Team Principals this year which includes Tony Fernandes (Lotus) and Alex Tai (Virgin Racing). New leaders with new ideas across the teams and also with Jean Todt taking over at the FIA will hopefully provide some impetus for positive change in F1.

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