Is Schumacher going to really do it?

December 14, 2009

So will we see Schumacher addressing the press in Mercedes overalls in 2010?

It seems that since the last race of the season quite a few surprises are still in store, with Button getting cosy with Lewis Hamilton at McLaren, Carlos Ghosn deciding that Renault doesn’t want to stay in F1 beyong 2010 and the big one – is Michael Schumacher really going to make a come back with Mercedes?

I have to admit to being gobsmacked by Jenson Button’s decision to move to McLaren, all credit to him if he really wants the challenge of beating Hamilton at McLaren, but considering he was challenged by Rubens Barrichello at Brawn, which was really his team, I can’t see it working out for him. If Schumacher signs with Mercedes I will be equally gobsmacked, not just because world champions making comebacks do not generally work (Nigel Mansell at McLaren  proves the rule, Niki Lauda at McLaren is the exception), but also because he will be ending his cherished relationship with Ferrari, but perhaps like Button, it’s really all about the challenge and knowing whether or not he can still do it.

It would certainly be a great Christmas present for Bernie. So, I’m preparing to be gobsmacked again.

One Response to “Is Schumacher going to really do it?”

  1. Jenson has a chance depending on the design characteristics of the new McLaren but , if it doesn’t suit him straight out of the box, he will struggle against Lewis.

    Schumacher at Brawn (Mercedes) will be a different prospect. ‘Our Nige’ didn’t fit in the car and when he did, it was a dog and an ugly one at that!.

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