F1 Crash Testing Underway

November 26, 2009

F1 Transporters sighted at Cranfield (but not from this team!)

It’s an interesting question in any organisation, as to who really knows what’s going on? In my time with Massey Ferguson I always found that the lorry drivers were always a useful source of information regarding what was going on at the factory. At Universities it’s the maintenance and security people who have the real story. This morning as I struggled across the School of Management Forum with my carry-on baggage, one of our security guys came over and after a short greeting said, “just to let you know, yesterday there was a xxxx [leading F1 team] transporter at crash test”. Cranfield Impact Centre (http://www.cicl.co.uk/) is part of Cranfield University and one of a number of facilities approved by the FIA for testing the designs of F1 cars to ensure they meet their stringent safety requirements. You can see some downloaded videos of the tests on the site, and Joe Saward also posted on this with some links to youtube: http://joesaward.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/its-the-f1-crash-test-season/ 

I can’t add to what I was told, except to observe that clearly the crash test season is well underway as the 2010 designs are finalised.

I’m off to Shanghai today to do some Executive teaching (not at the F1 circuit unfortunately), so normal service should be resumed later next week.

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