Campos are leading the newcomers’ race

November 25, 2009

With news yet to come as to who will get the second Mercedes seat and also Renault’s future intentions regarding F1, attention turns to the ‘other’ race, that of the new teams and how far they are in their preparations. Campos seem to be ahead at the moment as they were the first to announce a driver (Bruno Senna) and have also just announced the homologation of the cockpit structure for their 2010 F1 car by the FIA – which essentially means the car, at this stage in its development, meets FIA requirements for 2010. In a way it is not surprising that Campos are ahead in that they are using the services of Dallara, the highly experienced Italian single seater specialist to design and manufacture their car. Dallara have been involved in F1 back in the 1980s and 1990s and most recently produced Honda’s test F1 car which they were working on before making the decision to initially supply engines to BAR back in 2000.

My guess is that Manor are not far behind Campos and that Lotus and USF1 are up against the clock to get things in place. Of course who ends up being the fastest in the first race could be a different matter entirely.

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