Has BMW Sauber really been sold?

November 23, 2009

Mario Theissen (left) with the author (centre) does not regard the former BMW Team as being 'safe' yet

There have been various degrees of disquiet expressed by F1 people relating to the Qadbak acquisition of the team formerly known has BMW Sauber. This inclues a recent article in the Swiss paper Sonntagszeitung suggesting that the deal is close to collapse. In an interview with Autosport.com, former Team Principal Mario Theissen stated that he would not make any decisions related to his own future until “the new team is safe and everything is sorted”. One interpretation of all of this is that the agreement between BMW and Qadbak is subject to the team getting a grid place in 2010, this would make sense from Qadbak’s perspective if they planned to sell the team on and therefore make some money on the deal. All the coverage has suggested that the team was sold unconditionally to Qadbak, but perhaps this was not the case and in fact the deal has not been finalized and will not be until a grid place for the former BMW Sauber team is confirmed.

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