A Few Contracts Left to Sign

October 29, 2009


Nico Rosberg has announced he will be leaving Williams - to go where?

As the F1 teams gear up for their final Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi there are quite a few loose ends to tie up before we get a clear picture of the 2010 season. First the fate of the team formerly (after the weekend) known as BMW Sauber is looking rather bleak, with no place on the 2010 grid and no sign of anyone coming forward to admit they now own the team. Second there is still much uncertainty over the fate of the British Grand Prix which is currently scheduled to take place on 11 July 2010, the same day as the final of the World Cup in Johannesburg (and also a total solar eclipse in the Southern Hemisphere). It now looks like Donington’s attempts to host the British Grand Prix have sadly failed and so we hope that Silverstone will be the venue for the 2010 British Grand Prix. However this will all depend on the nature of the contract which the Commercial Rights Holder (represented by Bernie Ecclestone) has put to the promoter and owner – the British Racing Drivers Club – and their appetite for taking on the financial risks that will inevitably come with it. In addition to the above there are a wide range of driver contracts yet to sign, such as both drivers for Toyota – who will not know until 15 November whether or not they have a budget to go racing next year – and of course the two seats at Brawn GP. Nico Rosberg confirmed today that he is leaving Williams, so presumably he has a place to go to (most commentators believe this to be Brawn in exchange for Rubens Barrichello, although some say he could go to McLaren). The biggest question is whether or not Jenson Button and his management team will do what Damon Hill did at Williams and fail to keep his place in the quest for richer pickings, let’s hope this is one contract that is signed in the next few days.

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