Things look dodgy for BMW Sauber

October 6, 2009

It appears that FOTA were not 'All for 1'  more place on the grid for 2010

It appears that FOTA were not 'All for 1' regarding an extra place on the 2010 grid for BMW Sauber

Given the number of posts I’ve made expressing concern over the fate of BMW Sauber it surprised me that this wasn’t reflected in some of the other F1 sites, however this appears to be changing following the Japanese Grand Prix.

With the announcement that FOTA will not be pushing for the fourteenth spot on the grid (reportedly due to vetos from Williams and Campos), it appears that the team currently known as BMW Sauber’s only chance of securing a place in 2010 is if one of the thirteen confirmed teams pull out. Although this is a possibility the team are having to progress their plans for 2010 under a cloud of uncertainty, this makes issues such as securing contracts with drivers, engine partners and sponsors particularly problematic. For this reason it is likely that the team will put pressure on the FIA to weed out any of the potentials who are unlikely to make it, although whether this is feasible remains to be seen. It is also not clear whether the Qadbak acquisition of the team is a speculative move made with the intention of selling on the team if they get a grid slot, or whether this is a real commitment to invest in the long run, the current signs do not suggest it is the latter.

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