More news on sponsors and engines

September 7, 2009

Perhaps we will see less off joint branding between McLaren and Mercedes in 2010?

Perhaps we will see less joint branding between McLaren and Mercedes in 2010?

The Daily Telegraph is carrying a story that Mercedes-Benz are set to become a shareholder in the Brawn GP Team. If this does come to fruition it is great news for Brawn and also excellent news for F1. Mercedes came back into F1 as an engine supplier well before BMW, Honda and Toyota and this suggests that they see F1 as a far longer term investment than some of their competitors. The advantage of this strategy is that Mercedes reduces its dependence on McLaren which has been involved in a number of scandals and were suffering from poor performance at the start of the year. If this does go ahead it is likely that Mercedes would separate their marketing activities from McLaren and develop a more independent F1 operation.

 This leaves a number of teams currently vying to use Mercedes engines. If the deal with Brawn is correct then it looks likely that Mercedes will be supplying McLaren, Brawn and Force India in 2010, with the additional possibility of Red Bull Racing and Williams (although the likelihood is that these will both be supplied by Renault). Current regulations allow a manufacturer to supply engines to up to two other teams, but can supply more if the FIA grants permission.  

 Brawn’s Nick Fry was also recently quoted in Autosport as saying that they had a number of three year contracts from sponsors which they would announce with their new 2010 car. One possibility appears to be Emirates Airlines. He also stated that there was no deal with Virgin beyond 2009.

 This leaves us with a revised list of primary sponsors and engine suppliers for 2010 as follows:

Team Primary Sponsor Engine
Ferrari Santander Ferrari
McLaren Vodafone Mercedes
Brawn Emirates? Mercedes
Toyota Toyota Toyota
Williams Philips Renault?
Renault ?? Renault
Red Bull Racing Red Bull Renault?
Toro Rosso Red Bull Ferrari
Force India Kingfisher Mercedes
USF1 YouTube Cosworth
Manor Virgin? Cosworth
Campos ?? Cosworth
Sauber? Petronas? ??

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