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July 21, 2009

Ford Cosworth DFV fitted to a Lotus 49

Ford Cosworth DFV fitted to a Lotus 49

Regular readers of this blog will have noted that I had expressed concerns over Cosworth’s potential re-entry into F1, given the climb down by the FIA in insisting that the Cosworth engines would be allowed a higher rev-limit than the current manufacturers’ F1 engines.

A statement by Cosworth MD, Tim Routsis indicates that Cosworth are proposing a lower rev limit than the current engines of 18,000rpm in order to avoid the current teams blocking the inclusion of Cosworth in 2010. I’m not a technical expert so why they just can’t operate at the current limit of 19,000 and therefore have parity with the current engine units is unclear to me. It also implies that the three new entrants of Campos, USF1 and Manor will now have a power disadvantage in addition to all the other disadvantages of entering F1 for the first time. The interesting bit is that Cosworth had stated to the FIA that it needed three customers to make the programme viable, so if one of the new entrants switches to an alternative engine supplier to get more power, does this mean that Cosworth will put out leaving the remaining two with no engine deal? It looks to me like Cosworth are fighting to stay in the game as it would be all too easy for the current teams to offer a good deal to use their engines, and of course this would extend the influence of the manufacturers over the new entrants, something the FIA was keen to avoid.

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