The F1 Grid for 2010 – An Update from Paris

June 24, 2009

So it looks like the schism between the FIA and FOTA has been closed. A press conference given by Max Mosley, Bernie Ecclestone and Luca di Montezemolo has declared an outbreak of peace and with it the future of Formula 1 looks a lot more positive than it has done over the last few days.

We are told that an entry list for 2010 will be published later today and that as part of the agreement the teams will provide support to new entrants in terms of engines and chassis expertise. We need to wait until we get the confirmed picture, but this implies that one casualty from this could be Cosworth. Cosworth have been listed as the engine supplier to the three new-entrants confirmed for 2010 by the FIA on 12 June 2009. If Cosworth are unable to make their engines conform to current regulations (and the FIA have said that they can’t) then the only way to have one set of regulations is for the FOTA teams to provide engines for any new entrants.

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