The F1 2010 grid or is it?

June 12, 2009

So the excellent news is that the list issued by the FIA today contains all of the current teams, good sense has prevailed and F1 is still in tact. However if you look at the small print of the FIA press release you will see that five of the entries – McLaren, Renault, BMW, Toyota and Brawn are subject to their lifting their conditional entries following further discussion with the FIA by Friday 19th June – so we have another Friday D-Day to look forward to!

 The small print goes on to note that pending the above discussions ‘further due diligence is taking place on other potential entries’ so there may still be other new entrants for 2010. Putting aside the ten current teams entries have also been confirmed for USF1 – the US based project involving former Williams team member Peter Windsor and Campos Racing – a project utilising cars from specialist single-seat constructor Dallara. There is also a third new entry from Manor Racing – a name I don’t recognise but according to Autosport this could be former Simtek boss Nick Wirth. This means that currently there is no entry for David Richards for his potential Prodrive/Aston Martin project. In addition to Prodrive, other teams not mentioned are Litespeed based in Norfolk who were planning to use the Team Lotus name, Formtech GmbH who were planning to use the Brabham name and use the old Super Aguri facilities in Leafield, Oxfordshire, Lola based in Huntingdon and the Spanish operation Epsilon run by former Tyrrell manager Joan Villadelprat.

 The really good news is that it also looks like Cosworth is returning to F1 with three of the entries (USF1, Manor and Campos) all being entered with Cosworth engines. It’s also worth noting that Brawn, Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso have ‘TBA’ against their engine supplier, so looks like some more negotiating to take place here.

 So the FIA has split the FOTA entries (Ferrari, Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso have all been accepted unconditionally) so let’s see how next week unfolds.


3 Responses to “The F1 2010 grid or is it?”

  1. Andrew Kirchner Says:

    clever move by the FIA by giving the five teams another week to come on board. The pressure is on.

  2. Dave Medcalf Says:

    Exciting to see some new teams coming in. This can only add to the competition, and if you mix in the “level playing field” of a capped budget this gives F1 aa a sport real kick for the new season.

    On a side note, we all know that many teams will take part in creative accounting processes to hide the true budget costs. So will the racing authority police it properly. It is just another way of cheating – a future apology from one of the teams, “sorry I was told to lie about the costs.” would have a familair ring to it.

  3. Graham Says:

    I think your final point in the first post is the most striking thing for me. I used to love formula one, getting up at all hours of the day to watch the races but it just feels so clinical these days. Its great to see this season that a new team ruffling the feathers of the established ones however the problem seems to still be the same that the races turn into a 10 lap race and then baring any retirements it becomes a procession.

    Levelling the playing field sounds like a good idea in principle but will it ever work?

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